Holistic Energy Works !

I truly know they work, as they have been working for me, getting me through some of the toughest periods of my life.

I discovered holistic therapies at a major crossroads in my life, in the space of 18 months I’d lost my younger brother, my mother was seeing a heart specialist, a long term relationship had come to an end and I was coming to terms with my own possible mortality from health issues.

I looked to grief counselling for help in dealing with the overwhelming emotions I was going through, a friend suggested I visit her Reki instructor when it became apparent I was getting deeper into depression and sadness.

For me this introduction to holistic therapies was my saving grace, these last 13 years have been a journey of discovery and healing, I came through that period of my life with a greater empathy towards others and the knowledge that we can turn our lives around for the better.

When again faced with another life challenge, I needed something on a deeper level, I had come across EFT and know this was the answer for me.  I took training in EFT which helped me deal with my mother's diagnosis of Alzimers and the unresolved grief I still felt over my brothers death. 

With each new energy modality I immersed myself in, the desire to share them with others has become a passion.

I’m not a healer, but a guide that can help you find your way ………...using a combination of Psych K, The Emotion Code, The Silva Method and EFT 

If You Believe You Can or You Believe You Can’t it's true….

We all have beliefs, they shape the people we are, how we react to any given situation, how we react to our peers and society.

By the age of seven our beliefs instilled in us, not through choice 

I can offer Face to Face sessions in Psych-K, over the internet or by phone :-

Monday - Friday  9 till 5 

Saturdays - 1 Saturday per month 

Cost - £120 per 90 min session 



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This was me …….. I found energy modalities that helped me